Meet Miri

At my teenage years, I played competitive tennis and always enjoyed playing different sports. In my 20’s I coached others on how to maximize their athletic performances.

Miri Malkin - Hypnosis for top performance. Sports Hypnosis Vancouver BC

When I played competitive tennis, I realized that the mental game is equally important to the physical game. I had very competitive personality and I found it extremely difficult to self regulate my emotions on the court.
To add to it, I was also a very anxious person, which definitely didn’t help.

I managed my anxiety through hypnosis and became fascinated by the power of hypnosis and how it changed my life.

Sports Hypnosis is practical and effective and can help change unhelpful patterns, create pre and post competition routines, remove mental blocks, overcome injuries faster, regulate emotions, increase focus, and more.

Miri is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and CCA Certified Wellness Coach, located in East Vancouver, BC.
In her practice, she is innovative in her approach, using a combination of creative visualization, therapeutic hypnosis, and professional coaching, along with other modalities, to help her clients unlock their potential.

Our daughter, a soccer player, moved up to Gold level last year and was unable to excel in her new team. A friend suggested we’d talk to Miri, who then worked with her over 3 sessions. As a result, she found her spot within the new team and might even move up a team again.
— S & K, Burnaby