Work with Miri

We can structure our work together in a number of ways to ensure we achieve your goals.
We can discuss what is the best approach to support your personal goal - or your team’s goal.

Miri Malkin - Hypnosis for top performance. Sport Hypnosis Vancouver BC

Group Program - For Sports Clubs

Tailored to your club’s needs.

Group programs are tailored to your team’s needs - whether you need to build team spirit, improve the relationships between athletes, improve team cohesion or increase overall performance - we will work together to create the right program for you.

Programs typically consist on 6 meetings where your team will learn to use new skills, get familiar with practical hypnotic tools such as guided imagery, create winning routines, improve communication among the player and coach, and build on a collective strength of each individual’s mindset.

During the program, the team will learn new practical and effective strategies to manage emotions, effective way to give feedback, tools to boost confidence and create a winning mindset.

To support the team, a special private session rate is offered to the the team members.


Miri Malkin - Hypnosis for top performance. Sport Hypnosis Vancouver BC

Private Sessions 1:1

A personalized solution.

Private sessions are for those who want to take a closer look at their unique challenges and blocks to unlock their greatest potential.

During our work together, you will reconnect with your internal resources, learn how to amplify the strategies that are already working for you and experience new tools to up your game and remove your mental blocks.

Each session is tailored to your needs - whether you want to create and maximize a laser sharp focus, remove mental obstacles, build resiliency, deal better with success and failure, and other strategies that will support you to develop a winning mindset.

You will learn practical hypnotic tools to use when you need them, use effective guided visualization, improve your inner dialogue, manage your emotions pre- and post- competition, and create a pre-competition routine to keep you focused and consistently performing at your best.


Miri Malkin - Hypnosis for top performance. Sport Hypnosis Vancouver BC

Team Workshops

Achieve maximum synergy.

Workshops are offered to teams, coaches and parents.

It is a fantastic way for your group to explore and learn new skills, strategies and tools.

Workshops are hands-on, practical and fun way to load up your group with team spirit building techniques, improve communication and learn how to support each other so that everyone can perform at their best.

For teams: workshops provide team building opportunity, boost confidence, and increase focus.
They are wonderful for pre-competition preparation or to manage emotions post competition.
At the end of the workshop, team members will have practical, easy to use tools which will help them create a winning mindset.

For coaches: you will improve your communication with your athlete, learn how to give effective feedback, boost your athlete’s motivation and explore new ways to up your team’s game.
By the end of the workshop, coaches will have new tools to help their team develop a winning mindset in training and in competitions.

For parents: being a parent of a high performer is very rewarding, and this supportive position can also be stressful, with challenges of its own.
In these practical workshops you will learn effective ways to communicate with your high performer, add new stress relief tools to your own tool box and find a supportive community of like minded parents who are all sharing similar rewards and challenges.
At the end of the workshop, parents will be able to use language to support their high performer and have practical tools to manage their own emotions.