Performance Hypnosis

Sport Hypnosis

Hypnosis for sports performance is all about unlocking your potential and tapping into your endless possibilities and opportunities.
Removing mental blocks, increasing your confidence, improving your resiliency, and finding ways to get you in the zone. My goal is to empower you to reach your peak performance.

Research shows that creative visioning and mental practice will improve your sport performance in the gym, when out on the field, in the pool, or on the court.
It is widely accepted that mental strength combined with the right mental mindset are essential parts of sporting success, in both amateur and professional sports circles.  Many of the world's top athletes use sports-based performance hypnotic techniques to ensure they are on top of their game.

Through Hypnosis for Top Performance you can identify challenges, remove mental blocks, change unwanted patterns of behavior and bad habits, achieve faster recovery from regular game practice exertion, as well as heal faster from sports related injuries. Sports hypnosis can help you reduce stress and increase your focus, so you are able to maximize your results and maintain mental toughness through adversity.

Miri works one-to-one with both amateur and professional athletes and facilitates group-based workshops for visualization and hypnosis for entire teams who want to up their game. (hyperlink)

Note on working with young athletes - as a parent, and a former athlete, Miri understands the need for having a strong and supportive system for high performance young athletes, however, please be aware that the information your child shares during their session with Miri is confidential. Miri also offers parents sessions for how effectively to support your child’s needs for them to perform at their best. (nove the note to the bottom)

Hypnosis for Sport Performance can help with:

·       Remove mental blocks

·       Improve performance – through managing anxious thoughts

·       Remain calm while under pressure

·       Reduce and manage stress

·       Increase focus

·       Improve inner game

·       Increase confidence

·       Find your zone and get in the zone

·       Improved recovery from injury

·       Setting and achieving individual goals




 To change the way we think or behave, which is our current reality – we first need to understand who we are and notice our processes, by doing that we can then have a better knowledge and understanding of who we want to become and start changing our patterns to create a new model of reality of who we want to be, for if we go the same route we get the same results.

While hypnosis is an effective and fast modality to create a change - Hypnosis is a process rather than an event. As such we work together to change unwanted patterns and replace them with your desired new ones.

Hypnosis utilizes the power of the mind to seed ideas and create the change.

Miracles can also take few sessions to happen – especially for issues that did not start over night.

For more information please contact Miri or book a free phone consultation to assess your readiness to begin. When connected, Miri can assess what would be your best way to work towards achieving your goals, so you can enjoy sustainable positive change.

Miri worked with our teenager daughter helping her to overcome the anxiety that appeared just before she got on the court. Within only 2 sessions she felt much more confident and focused. Miri gave her some tools so now she can practice herself before matches
— G & M, Vancouver